New visual identity & website for VSD & Associates, CA Firm

New visual identity & website for VSD & Associates, CA Firm

Client Background

VSD & Associates, established in 1988, has been a trusted name in the accounting and consultancy industry. With a diverse range of clients spanning industries such as finance, real estate, and manufacturing, they desired a brand image that resonated with their professionalism and commitment to excellence. Their existing brand, while reputable, needed a refresh to align with modern trends and technologies.


Visual Identity Overhaul

  • Develop a modern, professional logo that reflects trust and reliability.
  • Design a cohesive brand identity system including color palette and typography.
  • Ensure the new visual identity is adaptable across digital and print media.

UI/UX Enhancement

  • Create an intuitive, user-centric interface for their website.
  • Improve user experience to increase engagement and client conversions.
  • Ensure seamless navigation and accessibility across devices.

Website Development

  • Build a responsive, dynamic website reflecting the new brand identity.
  • Highlight services, expertise, and client testimonials effectively.
  • Integrate user-friendly features such as contact forms and chat support.


Discovery & Research

  • Conducted extensive interviews with VSD & Associates’ team to understand their values, services, and client base.
  • Analyzed competitor brands and industry trends to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Compiled user personas and user journey maps to inform UI/UX design.

Brand Design

  • Developed multiple logo concepts, refining them based on client feedback
  • Established a color palette of blues and grays, signifying trust, stability, and professionalism.
  • Selected modern, legible typography for both digital and print media.

UI/UX Design

  • Created wireframes and prototypes for key website pages, focusing on user flow and engagement.
  • Ensured responsive design for seamless viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Incorporated interactive elements to enhance user interaction and interest.

Website Development

  • Built the website on a robust Bricks Builder for easy content management.
  • Integrated SEO best practices for improved online visibility.
  • Implemented secure payment gateways and client portals for convenience.


Balancing Tradition with Modernity

VSD & Associates had a longstanding reputation; the challenge was to modernize their image without alienating their existing client base.
Content Organization

With a wide array of services, organizing content in a clear, concise manner was crucial for user engagement.

Technical Integration

Ensuring seamless integration of various features, such as appointment scheduling and document uploads, required meticulous planning and execution.


Brand Identity

The new logo symbolizes stability and trust, resonating well with both existing and potential clients.
The color palette and typography lend a modern yet professional appeal to all brand assets.


The website boasts a clean, user-friendly design, facilitating easy navigation and showcasing VSD & Associates’ services prominently.
Enhanced UI/UX has resulted in increased user engagement and longer site visits.
Improved SEO has led to a noticeable increase in organic traffic and client inquiries.

Client Feedback

Clients appreciate the refreshed brand image, finding it more approachable yet maintaining the firm’s professionalism.
Positive feedback on the website’s usability and responsiveness, especially from mobile users.


The collaboration with VSD & Associates on their brand identity and website redevelopment was not just about design and development; it was about encapsulating their essence into a visual and digital experience. By modernizing their image while retaining core values, VSD & Associates is now better positioned to connect with their audience and showcase their expertise in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

This case study highlights our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on usability, functionality, and the client’s unique identity.

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New visual identity & website for VSD & Associates, CA Firm