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SEO Optimized Website Development - Revamp Ocean Global

Ocean Global, a leading geosynthetic manufacturer, approached our agency with a range of critical issues plaguing their online presence. Their website, a crucial tool for showcasing products and engaging with customers, was in dire need of a revamp. From technical challenges to poor visibility and subpar user experience, the existing website was hindering the company’s growth and online reputation.

Problems Identified:

Ocean Global has recognized several critical issues with its current website that hinder its effectiveness in representing the company’s brand and facilitating user interaction. Addressing these concerns is paramount to enhancing the online presence and user experience of Ocean Global’s digital platform.

1. Outdated Website Design:

The website was long overdue for a modern redesign. Its appearance and functionality did not reflect the innovative nature of Ocean Global’s products.

2. Technical Challenges:

Users reported difficulties navigating the site, slow loading times, and compatibility issues with various devices and browsers.

3. Lack of Online Visibility:

The website was virtually invisible in search engine results, severely impacting traffic and potential customer reach.

4. Poor Color Choices:

The color scheme used on the website was not harmonious with the brand’s identity, leading to a lack of visual appeal.

5. Absence of UI/UX Consideration:

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) elements were missing, resulting in a confusing and disjointed user journey.

6. Template Limitations:

The website was built on a template laden with unnecessary bloatware, contributing to its sluggish performance and bloated code.

Proposed Solutions:

To tackle the array of issues identified with Ocean Global’s website, we’ve outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at rejuvenating its online presence and user experience. By leveraging modern tools like Bricks Builder and focusing on critical aspects such as design, speed, and visibility, we aim to transform Ocean Global’s digital platform into a dynamic and engaging hub for its customers and stakeholders.

1. Website Revamp with Bricks Builder:

To address the outdated design and template issues, we proposed a complete overhaul using Bricks Builder. This modern website builder allowed for flexible design options without the bloatware, ensuring a fast and efficient site.

2. Improved Color Palette:

We worked closely with Ocean Global to develop a new color palette that resonated with their brand identity. The new colors were chosen to enhance user engagement and create a visually appealing experience.

3. Prioritizing Website Speed:

Recognizing the importance of website speed, we optimized every aspect of the new site for performance. From image compression to code optimization, the goal was to provide users with a seamless browsing experience.

4. SEO Optimization:

A key focus was on making the website more visible to search engines. We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, including proper URL structures, meta tags, and schema markup. This ensured that Ocean Global’s products would rank higher in relevant search results.

5. Quality Web Hosting:

To further enhance speed and reliability, we recommended a top-tier web hosting solution. This choice ensured minimal downtime and fast loading times for users across the globe.




The impact of these changes was immediately noticeable:

  • Client Satisfaction: Ocean Global was highly satisfied with the revamped website. The new design reflected their brand’s professionalism and innovation, garnering praise from both internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Improved User Experience: With a focus on UI/UX, navigating the website became intuitive and enjoyable. Users could easily find product information, leading to increased engagement and longer sessions.
  • Increased Online Visibility: The SEO optimizations paid off, as the website began to climb in search engine rankings. This translated to a significant boost in organic traffic and brand visibility.
  • Faster Performance: Thanks to the combination of Bricks Builder and optimized hosting, the website’s speed improved drastically. Pages loaded swiftly, reducing bounce rates and keeping users engaged.
  • Continued Partnership: Impressed with the initial results, Ocean Global entrusted us with their SEO needs. Our ongoing SEO efforts have further solidified their online presence, with the website now ranking prominently for relevant industry keywords.


The Ocean Global Geosynthetic Manufacturer Website Revamp project stands as a testament to the power of a holistic approach to web design and optimization. By addressing technical challenges, improving aesthetics, and prioritizing user experience and SEO, we were able to transform a struggling website into a powerful asset for our client. The success of this project has not only boosted Ocean Global’s online visibility and customer engagement but has also laid a strong foundation for future growth and success in the digital space.

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