Mumbai Based Law Firm Acuity Legal gets a Website Revamp


Client Overview

Acuity Legal, a prestigious law firm based in Mumbai, approached our web development agency with several pressing issues regarding their outdated website. Their online presence was severely compromised due to a broken and slow website built on an outdated platform. Additionally, their SEO efforts were futile, hampered by poor technical structuring and an ineffective hosting server. Acuity Legal sought a comprehensive solution to not only resolve these issues but also enhance their online visibility and user experience.

Problems Identified

Outdated Website Builder:

Acuity Legal’s website was constructed using an outdated builder, resulting in a broken and sluggish user experience.

Poor Online Presence:

Due to the dysfunctional website, Acuity Legal’s online presence was virtually nonexistent, hindering their ability to reach potential clients effectively.

Ineffective SEO:

The website’s poor technical structure made it challenging for search engines to crawl and index, negatively impacting Acuity Legal’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Our Approach

Understanding the critical nature of these issues for Acuity Legal’s business, we devised a multifaceted approach to address each problem comprehensively.

Solution Implemented

Revamped Website Using Bricks Builder:

We completely overhauled Acuity Legal’s website using the latest Bricks Builder, ensuring a modern, functional, and visually appealing design.

Enhanced Color Scheme:

To align with Acuity Legal’s brand identity, we introduced a refined color scheme that complemented their logo and branding, enhancing brand recognition and aesthetics.

Optimized Website Speed:

Recognizing the importance of website speed, we prioritized performance optimization during development. Through efficient coding practices and optimized media files, we achieved remarkable improvements in loading times.

SEO Optimization:

Our team conducted an in-depth SEO audit and implemented a robust SEO strategy. We revamped the website’s URL structure, integrated relevant keywords, and utilized schema markup to enhance search engine visibility.

Upgraded Web Hosting:

Recognizing the impact of hosting on website performance, we migrated Acuity Legal’s website to a high-performance hosting server, ensuring reliability and speed.

Results Achieved

The implemented solutions yielded significant improvements for Acuity Legal’s online presence and user experience.

Enhanced User Experience:

The revamped website provided visitors with a seamless and intuitive browsing experience, leading to increased engagement and lower bounce rates.

Improved Page Speed:

Leveraging our focus on speed optimization, the website achieved exceptional PageSpeed Insights scores of 95+ on both mobile and desktop devices. This significantly improved user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

Enhanced Online Visibility:

The comprehensive SEO overhaul led to a substantial increase in Acuity Legal’s search engine rankings. They began appearing prominently in relevant search results, attracting a higher volume of organic traffic.

Positive Client Feedback:

Acuity Legal expressed utmost satisfaction with the results achieved. They noted a significant uptick in client inquiries and a stronger digital presence within their industry.


Through a meticulous approach to website revamping, performance optimization, and SEO enhancement, our agency successfully addressed Acuity Legal’s challenges. The combination of a modernized website design, optimized speed, improved SEO, and upgraded hosting resulted in a remarkable transformation for Acuity Legal. The positive outcomes, including increased online visibility and client engagement, underscored the effectiveness of our solutions in meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations. Acuity Legal now stands as a prime example of how strategic web development and SEO can propel a business to new heights in the digital landscape.


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